Who We Are

Youth Landscape Architecture (YouthLA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable design and development, increasing social responsibilities of landscape architects, and providing young landscape architects and students with a platform for learning and communicating. YouthLA is created by a group of young designers, with attitudes of justice, enthusiasm and seriousness. In the team, there are Chinese university students, oversea scholars, landscape designers and self-employed pioneers. Maybe we undertake different duties, are separated by seas and oceans, specialize in different subjects or hold different opinions, but we share the same puzzle and dream to make us get together to build such a non-profit website, a platform with continuous inspiration to share pleasure, communicate deeply and impact each other, and this is how YouthLA to be born. With the participation of more fellows sharing common goal, our team is growing continuously.

What we do

Shake hands with role models: we look for role models for young designers and LA students, and introduce thoughts, experiences and works of well-known landscape architects, experts, young pioneers, and domestic and foreign students and scholars through interview.

Lead the objective review: we cooperate with universities and landscape architectural companies to promote the concept of sustainability, and guide the just review on landscape architecture.

Create communicative platforms: we offer communicative platforms to young designers, hold academic forums, design competitions and other activities.

Helping to realize dream: we set up various awards and scholarships to sponsor and encourage the students who are excellent in their studies or have financial difficulties to realize their dream for landscape.

Develope assistance activity: we organize and engage in landscape architectural study and provide the general public with relevant design service.

How we work

Because of the non-profit nature, staff members in YouthLA do not get pays, while token stipends and gifts will be given to greet their supports in landscape architecture only. Currently all the members work on part-time basis during their off hours, because they have their own careers or learning tasks.

The funds for maintaining the operation of the organization, website management, academic activities, contest award and scholarship are raised from sponsorship or contribution. As cooperative partners, sponsoring groups will be rewarded corresponding social reputation when boosting the development of YouthLA business. All funds from sponsorship will be used for the operation of the website and various public activities. Financing status is open and transparent.


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